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Reno Academy Masterclass
Lauren Theunissen
Lauren Theunissen is a lecturer and Head of Special Programmes at the Orms Cape Town School of Photography in South Africa. Lauren enjoys using her smartphone for content creation purposes.
She developed and provides training for smartphone photography as a means to empower smartphone users with the tools to share their stories, archive their experiences and create content for their business needs. Lauren completed her BAFA at the Michaelis School of Fine Art, majoring in Photography. She is the recipient of the 2016 Tierney Fellowship Award. Lauren continues her practice as a photographic artist and mentor, participating in residencies, workshops and exhibitions.
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Chris Joubert
Outdoor lover. Adventure-seeker. Trail runner. Coffee drinker. Passionate dog dad. Based in Cape Town, Chris Joubert has travelled to 39 countries and is constantly seeking new ways to showcase the beauty of the natural world.

He shoots outdoor, adventure and travel photography and videography and has a natural gift for visual storytelling. Forever in pursuit of rugged landscapes to explore

and photograph as well as photographing the interesting faces of the people he meets on his adventures. From shooting Siya Kolisi’s book cover, to filming the Gorilla’s in Rwanda to flying into Antarctica to film a triathlon, Chris is always in pursuit of a newer, bigger adventure.

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Craig Howes
Craig Howes is the founder and director of SoCoMunity, which specializes in content strategy and creation. Craig is passionate about story telling in the ever-changing digital landscape we find ourselves in.

Craig has a BSc in Applied mathematics and economics from the university of the Witwatersrand. He pursued a career in investment banking before he discovered his love for content creation and photography. As a self-taught photographer and film maker, he grew his social channels to over 500k followers with only the use of his mobile phone.

Since making the transition from corporate, he has visited over 40 countries as a travel photographer and directed a variety of travel films around the world. In 2020, Craig was awarded World Safari influencer of the year.

Although Craig has transitioned to professional gear, he highly values the use of mobile phones and still uses his OPPO to create professional content for social channels.

“I firmly believe that mobile phones are one of the best ways to learn photography and film making.”

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Anthony Bila
Also known as ‘The Expressionist’, Anthony considers himself a creator through a one-way mirror. Using primarily visual mediums, he works as a commercial, fashion, and documentary photographer in both digital and analog formats.

As a film director, a medium he considers the ‘holy grail’ of creativity where all aspects of art come together, Anthony is hyper-vigilant about being a conduit for the stories of South Africans and Africans at large.

In the last few years, Anthony has also delved in cultural entrepreneurship through his content consultancy Studio Bila, a creative and concept agency that works with emerging and established entities, bridging the gap between young African brands and creators and blue-chip multi-national companies.

Studio Bila is where Anthony’s 10 years of advertising and marketing experience find a home coupled with his prowess for visual storytelling.

Join us in the Reno Academy Masterclass as he teaches you on how to capture beautiful content with your OPPO Reno8 Pro.

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Get certified when you attend the Reno10 Pro Plus Masterclass with the Cape Town School of Photography.

All you need to do is own a Reno Series Device to attend the Masterclass.

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A fundamental beauty of the world we live in is that everyone expresses themselves in unique and intriguing ways.

The sheer diversity of our creative expressions is remarkable and infinite – and one of the best ways we can showcase our world and make human connections is through PORTRAIT photography and videography.